10th Class General Science Guess Paper Punjab Boards 2023-2024

10th General Science Guess
10th General Science Guess

10th Class General Science Guess Paper Punjab Boards 2023-2024

10thth Class General Science Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

You will find the tenth class General Science Surmise paper for the yearly tests 2023 in this. The General Estimate paper furnished here is as per the most recent prospectus 2023. This surmise paper contains tackled MCQs, the main short and long inquiries. To get great imprints in the tests, follow it. To download the tenth class General Science Surmise Paper, click on the connection toward the finish of this page.

For more tenth class helping material like tenth supposition papers, Matching Plans, and notes for all Subjects click on the accompanying connections.

Tenth General Science Surmise Papers 2023 Punjab Board

Tenth class understudies will find these supposition papers extremely accommodating and worthwhile in the board test. We planned these speculation papers very much like your board test. You can think of them as test paper of Punjab board assessment design 2023 general science tenth class. These matric general science surmise papers are given to all understudies of tenth class liberated from cost here. You can download these conjecture papers and can save in the pdf records.

Tenth Class General Science Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

10th Class General Science Guess Paper 2023 In Text Form πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

10th class important short questions 2023
Unit No. 7 Energy

  1. difference between and the relationship of work and energy
  2. definitions of all types of energy
  3. definition of hydroelectric power
  4. What are fossil fuels
  5. Solar power and solar energy
  6. definitions of the following
    soldia waste
    powers and its formula
    greenhouse effect
    nuclear waste
    conservation of energy
    Unit NO. 8 Current Electricity
  7. Definitions of :
    conventional current
    random motion
    Ohm’s law
    variable capacitor
    solar pannel
    potential difference
  8. Differentiate between step-up and step-down transformer
  9. differentiate between DC and AC

Unit No. 9 Basic Electronics

  1. learn the difinitions of
    semiconductor diode
    data management
    N-type and P-type semiconductors
    floppy disc
  2. difference between RAM and ROM
  3. difference between hardware and software
  4. analog quantities
  5. information technology
  6. telecommunication

Unit No. 10 Science and technology

  1. learn the definitions of:
    total internal reflection
    pharmaceutical chemistry
    radioactive elements
  2. definition and uses of isotopes
  3. Ultrasound and its uses
  4. difference between EEG and ECG
  5. What is MRI and write its two uses
  6. What is Angiography
  7. two ways to protect from radiations
  8. who and when discovered radio activity
  9. characteristics and feature of gama radiations
  10. Centrifugation

Unit 11 Space and Nuclear program of Pakistan

  1. What is space suit
  2. objectives of SPARCO
  3. what is an artificial satellite?
  4. write full form of SPARCO
  5. CANUP
  6. role of NIFA

For you: 10th class general science book pdf download 10th class General science Important long questions πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

  1. What is thermal pollution, how it is produced, and its effects on the environment
  2. Write a note on the Need of Energy
  3. Traditional methods of producing electricity
  4. Measures to preserve Energy.
  5. Write a note on environmental degradation
  6. Write a note on conventional current.
  7. structure and uses of ammeter and voltmeter
  8. What is a multimeter? its functions uses
  9. Ohms law.
  10. Explain DC and AC and give uses.
  11. Structure and functions of galvanometer
  12. write a note on types, charging and discharging of capacitor
  13. types of radiations and their characteristics/features
  14. write a note on the space program of Pakistan
  15. Dangers of Nuclear Fuel.
  16. What are radio Isotopes and given its benefits.
10th General Science Guess
10th General Science Guess

General science is one of principal and significant subjects for expressions understudies yet the vast majority of the understudies think that it is hard. This subject is very little hard however simple assuming we focus on it. A great deal of understudies buckle down for getting great imprints in this board test. The understudies ought to give additional opportunity to their powerless ideas. We are giving to our diligent understudies, tenth class general science surmise paper 2023. Our accomplished instructors made these overall science surmise paper class 10 2023 concurring the experience of earlier years.

10th Class General Science Guess Paper Punjab Boards 2023-2024 πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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